The performance of Miya customized earphones

Standard colors for retail

Miya customized headphones are colorful and fashionable. Trendy and life-style people love it very much. But, how the sound quality it is? Let’s introduce their structural drawing.

Stanley and Wai designed the cool out look which is simple and geometric. The U-shape hang hole is their recognized icon. Stanley said 2 earbuds of U-shape or N-shape (Left and right form the letter “M”, haha….yes…he said M for Miya). It’s funny, but interesting idea. He said the U-shape has a functional idea that is hang on accessories like ear ring or stripes…err..don’t be rejecting the concept in this time. Actually, he said something will match up this U-hole and the items are coming soon.

Is this the secret of Miya headphones?

Miya headphones Specification

Type: Closed, dynamic

Driver unit: 10mm, dome type

Impedance: 16 Ohms at 1 kHz

Sensitivity: 100dB/mW

Frequency response: 5-23000 Hz

Cord:1.2mY-type cord

Plug: Golden stereo mini plug

Mass: Approx. 3 g (without cord)

Supplied accessories

Earbuds: Small X 2, Medium X 2, Large X 2

The specification just shows standard. How quality? Stanley claims “Miya headphones give an elaborate high pitch and perfect alto voice. Human voice is much clear and touching. Bass is not too heavy, you will not feel dizzy. The designed structure brings a grand sound effect.” At the other side, the reporter of AV magazine said that the human voice is really nice. “Miya headphones suitable to preform R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock and Classic song. He said the nice voice is about the good performance of Vibration membrane and high power neodymium magnets speaker. Stanley and Wai designed a nice product, not just out looking good. One more thing, you can see the earbuds are thicker than others. May be it is the sercet of Miya headphones.


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